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31 May A Seat For Everyone – We Don’t Double Book

Last month, United Airlines experienced a true PR disaster. In an unfortunate incident, a passenger was forcefully removed by means of police officers, off of the overbooked flight. The incident was recorded by at least two of the flight’s other passengers and their videos have since gone viral over the past few weeks.


The event has left many questioning just how common is the practice of overbooking and what lengths airlines will go to sell all of their seats. One of the passengers who has since been quite vocal about his account of the incident, stated: “the airline was looking for extra seats for some of its employees.”


United representative, Charlie Hobart, said in a telephonic interview “We [had] a number of customers on board that aircraft, and they want to get to their destination on time and safely, and we want to work to get them there… Since that customer refused to leave the aircraft we had to call the police, and they came on board.”


The Chicago Department of Aviation said in a statement that the way the incident was handled was not in line with their standard operating procedure and that one of the officers has since been placed on leave.


Airlines will often overbook their flights, as they count on people not arriving. To them, a double-booked seat is better than an empty one. Though they describe the event as being extremely rare, in 2016 United denied boarding to nearly 4000 customers.


By choosing a chartered flight with Indiza Charters, we guarantee that situations like the one above will never happen. In fact, we can even add passengers to a flight if a customer has not booked the entire aircraft.


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