Millennials on the Move – The New Generation of Traveller

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12 Feb Millennials on the Move – The New Generation of Traveller

A person considered to fall into the Millennial generation is no longer who you think it is – they are now people with steady jobs and always looking for an opportunity to travel.


Evolution of the Millennial

Statistics have shown that Millennials have overtaken their older counterparts in that they are 23% more likely to travel abroad. They are also willing to budget more for trips: they are estimated to spend $1.4 trillion on travel each year by 2020, making them essential to the travel industry!


Why charter flights, then?

Travellers of this kind could benefit immensely from our services as we offer them a method of travelling that is entirely dependent on their needs. Travelling with Indiza Charters could help businesses get the most out of their employees – only three of you in the team? We have a small aeroplane for that. Have a huge client meeting with your team of ten? We’ve got you covered!


A boom in ‘bleisure’

As per usual, new words are being created all the time, and ‘bleisure’ is one of them. This is a mixture of business and leisure and it is on the rise to be the most popular form of travel for younger, working people. In Travel Weekly’s 2016 consumer trends report, the percentage of leisure trips that had a business element to them rose to 17%. This is up from 14% in 2015 and 11% in 2012.

Since a Millennial is always in pursuit of adventure and customisation, charter flights may actually suit them better. Airlines all over the world are looking to appeal to the Millennial market even more – Air France recently launched a new airline named ‘Joon’ aimed solely at Millennials and their reliance on digital technology.


Millennials and Indiza Charters

Flexibility and the determination to adapt and keep up with the times is something that appeals to this market of young people – if they can travel on a plane of their choice, that suits their schedule, that takes them to their desired destination where they get to experience new things and do some business, too, then we think that’s a win!

If you are a young business of young employees, our charter flights are something you may want to consider. Please get in touch if you are interested:

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