Growth in Richards Bay – Mining Set to Thrive

Richards Bay

12 Jan Growth in Richards Bay – Mining Set to Thrive

The development of South Africa shows no signs of slowing down. High-rise buildings are popping up faster than you can say ‘environmental impact assessment’ and upgrades to transport infrastructure seem to be never-ending. It’s safe to say the country is undergoing major renovations in order to become better developed as a tourist destination and better equipped to serve its people.


11.5 million rand was recently allocated towards the upgrading of the Richards Bay airport. For this sector, the allocation may seem like a small amount, but it has had a large impact on the mining industry and the Sasol mine in particular.


  1. Shorter Transport Time

As mine workers can fly in and fly out to the local mine, travel time to and from the mine will decrease exponentially. Workers may even be able to work shorter yet more frequent shifts, this will ensure that they are rested and clear headed for the hard day’s work ahead of them.


  1. Emergencies

South African mines have a fatality and work related injury benchmark that is way above that of its international counterparts according to the Chamber of Mines, South Africa. This is still true even with an 88% reduction in injuries since 1994. With access to the upgraded airport in Richards Bay, miners will be able to receive the medical attention they need, when they need it.


  1. Exports

The Richards Bay Sasol mine is responsible for 3.5 million tonnes of coal each year. This amount is set to increase and Sasol may use the Richards Bay mine to export their coal.


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