Choose Indiza For Your Yearend Getaway


31 Oct Choose Indiza For Your Yearend Getaway


blog-bannerThe end of the year is nearing and the stores have all had their Christmas decorations up for months now just so you know the most expensive time of the year is looming closer. Your employees are giddy at the thought of their yearend getaway but when you remember the travel costs from last year it’s making you a little stressed to say the least.

With Indiza you don’t need to stress, for the cost of a first class ticket for your CEO you can charter an entire plane for your whole work team. Travelling to your end of year staff getaway has never been easier or better catered to your needs.

By choosing Indiza Charters you and your team will get to experience the freedom and luxury of a privately chartered flight. This means: no lost luggage, ample legroom, flexible flight times and even a customisable menu that we’re sure even the fussiest eaters in your team will love.

We’ve put together a few interesting statistics on the benefits of travel:

  • After only 2 days, 89% of people experience a significant decrease in stress.
  • Travelling develops better problem solving skills
  • Travellers can enjoy a lower risk of heart attacks and overall improved brain health from travelling.

By travelling together, your team bonds will grow even more, leading to an overall productivity boost upon returning to the office. Your staff have worked hard throughout the year to ensure your business is open for operation for yet another year so they deserve some special treatment. By choosing to charter a plane with Indiza we can ensure you a more cost effective and luxurious travel experience to your destination.


Contact us today to find out more about our packages and to book your very own private chartered plane today!

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