Why Choose a Charter Flight?

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27 Jul Why Choose a Charter Flight?

Operating a commercial airline in South Africa is a tricky business, says the Mail & Guardian in Africa’s Limited Skies, pointing to the demise of airlines such as Nationwide, Flitestar and Phoenix. Reports the newspaper, high barriers to entry, including antiquated air traffic agreements, odious regulations and tight margins, don’t encourage a competitive airline industry in Africa – all of which amounts to a lack of choice for air travellers on the continent.


Air Safety Concerns and Lost Luggage

Apart from a distinct lack of choice, air safety is another issue frequent flyers need to consider when making travel arrangements. South Africa’s Civil Aviation Authority has been kept busy of late – the most recent high-profile case concerned South African Express, which was, according to this Sunday Times report, grounded earlier in 2016 due to ‘serious safety hazards and risks to the crew, passengers, and the public’. Then there’s lost luggage – costing South African Airways alone some R500 000 per month on compensation, according to IOL. Airline safety standards, pilfering from luggage and bad service has left many business executives, sports people and leisure travellers thinking about alternatives to commercial flights.

Charter an Airplane!

Here are a few good reasons why you should consider using a charter flight next time you need to fly from A to B:

  • Safety – charter fleets comprise modern aircraft manned by appropriately qualified personnel
  • Flexibility – you can choose your flight times, your preferred route, and even your menu!
  • Cost – for the price of a first class ticket for the CEO, you can charter an aircraft for the whole work team
  • Comfort – no more being squashed in coach, charter flights offer more legroom, comfy seats, better washroom facilities, first-class in-flight entertainment and luxury eats and treats
  • No lost luggage – your baggage goes from your hand to the plane
  • Maximise your schedule – no waiting around for late passengers; or flying at an unearthly hour. Chartered flights work, wherever possible, around you!


Enjoy the freedom of a chartered flight – get in touch with us for more info…

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