We Are Team Players.


10 Jul We Are Team Players.

We Are Team Players.

With rugby teams like the Sharks, the Blue Bulls and the Lions investing in the benefits of chartered flights for their tours, team-building exercises and quick once-off games, there is really no need for any sports team to even consider public flying ever again, right? If the big shots are doing it, then you should be too.

You can imagine the admin that goes into flying an entire team of testosterone-infused sportsmen, let alone the time that it takes to fly publicly. Top that with the cost of flying-in a whole sports team, on top of all other expenses like accommodation, meals and bus trips – you have quite a huge fête on your hands.

When chartering your flight with Indiza, you pay for your team as a whole which reduces the cost of flying, inevitably reducing your expenses over all. Besides the money factor, there are numerous other benefits for chartering a sports team privately, let’s have a look at them.

Benefits of chartered flights for sports team.

  • Quicker turnaround time for trips: if flying nationally, it is easier to fly in and out for games in a day or two, with no extended waiting periods for the team and extra time away from family. This makes for happier team members.
  • Shortened fly time: with international flights in particular, flying can sometimes take up days of a trip with all the stopovers and delays that take place. With a chartered flight, there is less chance of delays occurring and generally no stopovers – it is straight to the destination. This improves the overall flying experience for the team.
  • Flying is more relaxed and hassle-free, with personalised service and attention to detail being the focal point of all Indiza charters.
  • Chartered flights allow for flexibility when it comes to flying times, so flights can be arranged around your schedule.
  • It can be arranged that flights are planned to arrive well in advance to the start of any games, so that there is ample time to prepare for action. This creates a much less stressed team environment, more time for relaxation and a chance to build team morale and excitement before the game.

Jet lag is a very real sleep disorder that is experienced when travelling over different time zones. It can last up to 28-hours after a flight and hugely affect the performance and mood of a person, especially an athlete. This is why arrival a couple days prior to a game are suggested in order for sportsmen to fully recover from jetlag and rest efficiently before they are expected to play. This will make a huge difference to their achievements on the field. Read more about the effects of jetlag on athletes here.

Let’s fly together – call us today for an obligation free quote and let’s chat about how we can get you to where you need to be.

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