The Boeing 777x – The 3D Printed Plane Everyone is Talking About

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01 Feb The Boeing 777x – The 3D Printed Plane Everyone is Talking About

It’s the aircraft on everyone’s lips, the Boeing 777X is rumoured to be the largest and most efficient twin-engine jet in the world. Announced at a premier event for the aviation industry at Farnborough International Airshow, it is said to be taking to the skies in just three short years. So what makes it so special? We’ve covered our top features below:


  1. Wider Cabin

With a cabin width of 5.8m you can be sure of a much roomier flight. Higher ceilings also add that extra room which will make your flight experience a lot more comfortable.


  1. Robotic Technology

Boeing’s new robotic assembly line will help to speed up the production process as well as improve the quality of the parts produced. It will also bring about safety improvements as the processes that are automated were previously responsible for more than half of worker injuries.


  1. A More Efficient, Quieter Engine

The humming of a plane engine can often become like white noise if you’re subjected to it for long enough. A quieter engine means your flight will be a peaceful one.


  1. The View

The larger windows mean that you don’t need to stress about booking the ever popular window seat, passengers will be able to see the horizon no matter which seat they are in.


  1. 3D Printed Parts

3D printing is much faster and more efficient than traditional part making. It also leaves less room for potential weak points on parts ensuring a safer journey for its passengers.


The Indiza Charters team looks forward to eventually chartering one of these new age aircraft. However in the interim we offer a host of alternative dynamic options for all of your private charter needs. Contact Indiza Charters today for more information.

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